TechnoTutor review, TechnoTutor testimonial

Here are two TechnoTutor testimonials from Kim Kline, a mother who uses TechnoTutor with her family.

First her review with her daughter Celest:

TechnoTutor review, TechnoTutor testimonialIt begins!
I am familiarizing Celest with the laptop and the Technotutor reading and vocbulary-building software, as well as with books for some time now.
You can see how she has an understanding of the concept of a book, turning the pages, and reading (pointing to words and making sounds).
I have also placed words on objects around the house to get her used to words, as well as the fact that words are symbols that represent real things.
She’s 10 months old, and some have told me this is too young, but I am not about to place a limit on the possibilities. I am not thinking about right now, but the years to come shortly. I have no expectations for right now, but I am opened to being surprised!
Celest has been precocious in many ways, and I am prepared for consistency and patience. I also know that the only way to start, is to start, lol! Why not?
Here is her second review of her friend Katie Cope, another mom who educates from home using TechnoTutor:
WOW! Crazy, this is the first book that I have a memory of ever reading. My older sister sat with me and I remember being so amazed with myself that I could actually read. But I was about 7 years old at that time, already in first grade, and there were other kids in my class that could already read. I thought to myself, how can they ALREADY read when we are only supposed to be learning this now?!?
And I felt behind and disempowered that I did not yet have this skill. I could not comprehend how others had it before me, yet I saw I was also capable it, so why did I have to wait so long?
Senecais only 3 1/2! This just shows what each child is actually capable of with TechnoTutor! Why wait to do it on the system’s clock, when we can do it at home years before the school system will ever teach us. Cool stuff Katie Cope , thank you for sharing this.
(You can contact Katie to learn the tool – TechnoTutor – she uses to make homeschooling easier when it comes to reading and vocabulary development).

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