TechnoTutor review families testimonial

Samantha and Timothy Levy are husband and wife, family of 6 kids and they use TechnoTutor to educate their kids from home. They have seen awesome changes in under 2 months at the time of this post. There will be many updates in the future! Check out these posts on where they were originally posted.

TechnoTutor review families testimonial

TechnoTutor has been absolutely incredible for me and my family.

Since getting TechnoTutor my daughter (6) has started writing letters all on her own, my 3 year old almost nonverbal son now talks in sentences and is starting to recognize letters, and my two year old sleeps so much better which was a major struggle for a long time here.

TechnoTutor has helped me communicate more clearly with my husband, it has helped me gain more self-awareness, and help me along the way of self-responsibility which has been a long fought battle for me.

Along with improving my mindset I’ve noticed reading out loud has become easier.

For a while I was a little flustered with the monotony of constantly reading the same definitions over and over but I came to find out that is what helped me become more proficient in my reading out loud.

I have more confidence with the words than I would have before.
TechnoTutor has been the best investment for our family and I am forever grateful!

Samantha L
New Brunswick, Canada

The following is from her husband Timothy Levy

TechnoTutor set me on a completely different direction. Because of TT and the help I’ve been given, and my understanding of words, and releasing the pain associated with these words.

I wrote out 2 pages of words and memories associated to the word ‘wrong’. It was painful because I hate writing. It was more painful to keep it in than it was to write it down. And that’s one thing I found with TechnoTutor it helps to release all of that.

Unravel the emotional mystery in your mind, create calm out of chaos and understanding out of confusion.

Timothy L. New Brunswick, Canada

There are so many other benefits of using TechnoTutor, you can reach out for more information at to be put in contact with a distributor who can show you how does TechnoTutor work.

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