TechnoTutor families
Sam has been using TechnoTutor with his wife and kids for the past year and he has many great social media posts about it. Here are a few highlights from him and his wife.
TechnoTutor families
What’s that point where YOU stand?
At each point there’s a boss or as Alex Hermozi says the women in the red dress, that you must conquer. 💃🏿
If you have kids you can see it very clearly. Sitting boss 🐒
Crawling boss 🦞
Standing boss 🧍
Walking boss 🚶‍♂️
Running boss 🏃
Kids fall several times at each stage but they always get right back up ⬆️
For some reason though as adults, especially now, it seems instead of getting back up and trying again we just sit there in our poopy pants and justify why our poopy pants are just who we are now…”this is just the way it is, I am poopy pants”💩
“I am depressed” 😔
“I just got robbed” 👘
“I am demoralized” 🙅🏼
“I am anxious” 😬
“I’m sick of it” 🥴
From Ashley Sam’s wife
Homemade fort ✅
Koa using his knowledge from #technotutor to teach Tao the letters and numbers ✅
True bonding and imagination play without the distraction of screens ✅
Now imagine I had the TV on while I was doing the morning dishes. Would they even think to build a fort? Would Koa take the time to be a role model and teach his brother how to play/read or would their mouths be wide open staring at some overstimulating screen? Would their conversations be the same? 🤔 💡
I love the bond they are forming 🥰🥹 @samtrahin
TechnoTutor is really unlike anything else as you get to see how quickly the kids learn and can master any subject. Whether building a homemade fort, learning how to make food or doing the basics of math, science and reading, the TechnoTutor kids are really shining.

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