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10 Reasons Why an Effective Vocabulary is Essential

In this blog you will see how just ‘learning’ new vocabulary does not work. It requires actually getting the words to the unconscious level, so it’s automatic. That’s what we will refer to as an ‘effective vocabulary’.

TechnoTutor is a tool for opening up how you learn. Imagine if you could take the entire dictionary and put it into your unconscious mind. That’s a tiny fraction of what’s possible.

It’s really something you have to see for yourself – to book a demo

In case you haven’t seen the research on vocabulary, especially from Johnson O’Connor. There are many reasons why an effective vocabulary is essential. And just reading a dictionary won’t cut it.. obviously…

Ten Reasons Why an Effective Vocabulary is Essential

  1. Effective Communication: An effective vocabulary allows you to express yourself precisely and articulately. It enables you to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and emotions with clarity and precision, fostering better understanding and connection with others. Effective communication = effective living, your life becomes way better with this ability, otherwise you resort to your old ways of speaking and seeing the world.
  2. Enhanced Reading Comprehension: A robust vocabulary enhances your ability to comprehend what you read. We are in the information age and without the ability to comprehend you will be at risk of falling behind. With a deep understanding of words and concepts, you can grasp the deeper meaning and nuance in written material, opening doors to a more expanded world view.
  3. Critical Thinking Skills: A broad vocabulary aids in developing critical thinking skills. It allows you to analyze information, evaluate arguments, and make informed judgments. With a solid grasp of words and concepts, you can dissect complex ideas, and you aren’t swayed by emotionally charged words. A real effective vocabulary must be built word by word. This is where TechnoTutor comes in as the only tool to do this with every single word – taught via the natural learning ability.
  4. Expanded Knowledge Base: An effective vocabulary enables you to access a broader range of knowledge. It facilitates understanding of academic texts, scientific research, and articles, empowering you to grasp any subject and use it to become a valuable contributor to society.
  5. Professional Advancement: A strong vocabulary is a valuable asset in the professional world. Higher vocabulary = more opportunity. It enhances your written and verbal communication skills, making you a more effective communicator in job interviews, presentations, and written correspondence. Also though vocabulary is a way of seeing. Imagine an entrepreneur who can make millions compared to an employee… They can look at the same situation and see it entirely differently. A command of language often leads to expanded career opportunities and promotions. Here is an example of Ryan Crandall doubling his income from using TechnoTutor to enhance his skills in technology recruiting.
  6. Increased Confidence: Having a wide vocabulary boosts self-confidence. And the ability to build the vocabulary every day. Flash cards won’t cut it. The google app store’s latest ‘app for vocabulary’ won’t cut it. If it did, it would have all of the positive reviews that TechnoTutor has. Effective vocabulary allows you to express yourself with precision, leading to greater self-assurance in any type of interaction.
  7. Cultural Appreciation: A rich vocabulary enables you to engage with diverse cultures and traditions. Words mean different things to different people. Even the word ‘work’ means so many things to different individuals. By rebuilding and changing your vocabulary, you can align the words to outcomes that are best for everyone, not just your narrow world view. It facilitates the understanding of literature, poetry, and art from different time periods and regions, fostering a deeper appreciation and respect for human expression and creativity. Imagine being a kid being raised with this ability.
  8. Effective Problem Solving: A broad vocabulary aids in effective problem-solving. It allows you to dissect complex problems, identify patterns, and find solutions. With AI set to disrupt over 800M jobs according to the UN — there is a LOT of problem solving needed. With a deep understanding of words and concepts, you can approach challenges from various angles and think outside the box. This will secure your future, otherwise you’ll get automated.
  9. Improved Memory and Cognitive Function: When you have the words you have the confidence to deal with reality, and a huge part of this is accurate recall of information. Regularly engaging with new words is not enough. Yes you can read books, but if you don’t have the immediate and automatic grasp of the words, you will be stuck ‘thinking’ instead of knowing.
  10. Personal Growth and Empowerment: Developing a high vocabulary is an ongoing journey of personal growth. It broadens your perspective, deepens your understanding of the world and yourself. All of your memories, traumas, past, all of it can be interpreted through words. An effective vocabulary empowers you to articulate your thoughts and ideas confidently. It’s a lifelong continuous learning process, and TechnoTutor is the best path to personal fulfillment, and intellectual empowerment whether for an adult, a child or the whole family.

Here is a phenomenal example from Katie Cope one of the cofounders of TechnoTutor explaining why it’s such a unique solution to vocabulary building and ‘structuring’ the mind.

Gurus will tell you to quiet the mind…

Or Meditate, let go of thoughts, focus the mind…

The problem is Рyou have no clue how your mind actually works Рso how are you supposed to control it? Is there a volume knob? A trash bin for unwanted thoughts? A zoom function to focus on something specific?

The mind has the potential to be such a powerful tool – but it must be STRUCTURED effectively.

This begins at birth (and even before).

Your parents began structuring your mind with the words they spoke and thought. Your teachers continued structuring your mind as you entered daycare and school. If you were to ask them if they understood HOW the mind works… what do you think they’d say??

Ever wonder why you struggle with anxiety, depression, lack of motivation?

Having difficulty changing that? Maybe sometimes you’ve gotten yourself out of the fog, just to cycle back into it the moment something stressful comes up (or the season changes).

Guess what – No amount of meditation or “positive thinking” will EVER change that.

Your mind will NEVER really change unless you change how your mind is structured – at the most fundamental level.

Imagine what your life would have been like if you had an effectively structured mind from birth?

Imagine if your parents and teachers understood how the mind works and how to structure it properly – so that you have total direction and access to your full potential.

That’s what we do at TechnoTutor.

Giving ourselves and our children the most powerful tool in the universe – a soundly structured Human Mind.

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